Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tortilla pizza and piggy cookies

Wednesday's cooking class was a lot of fun. I'm starting to notice that pepperoni and cheese are involved almost every week, much to Avery's delight. Avery is getting really good at making pizza. This week was a tortilla pizza.

After they made pizzas the kids got to make these cute piggy cookies. When the teacher started passing out icing, M&Ms and marshmallows it was a free-for-all. The kids were supposed to cut the giant marshmallow in half with a plastic knife (well, the moms were supposed to cut) but before we could even get to them most of the kids had popped the whole thing into their mouths. Luckily there were reinforcements.

I was a little nervous because I must have taken the bib out of my purse that I usually carry around and so Avery didn't have one this week. And since she is 2, and a little stubborn and independent, she didn't want me to hold the pizza while she took bites. She actually did a good job on her own keeping pretty clean.

Then the kids all ran around chasing each other. Besides stuffing the huge marshmallow in her mouth, this was Avery's favorite part of the class.


Sarah said...

Oh that looks like a fun week. She looks so cute too. You forgot to post it on the Tanner blog ;)