Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing Projects

Okay, I think I am all caught up on my blogging now...

Over Christmas break I worked on these two blankets with my mom and my grandma Louise. These are the fabrics that I bought the day after Thanksgiving. I am really happy about the way the blankets turned out. I finished the boy one first because I just had a feeling...I just love the teddy bear and puppy fabric on James' blanket. Then I finished the watermelon and cherry one and gave it to Avery. She was pretty excited. She calls it her 'special' blanket. She calls the one we made for her last year her 'special' blanket too, so now she says she has two of them. She has been sleeping with both of them on her at night. I think it must be pretty cozy under there.

Going Sledding

We took Avery sledding several times in between Al's travels. She had a blast! She didn't even mind walking up the steep hills because it meant she could stomp around some more in her boots. My job was to sit in the warm car and take pictures. It was fun to watch everybody enjoying themselves. Everybody took turns taking Avery down the hills. Towards the end she rode down some tame hills by herself.

Every time we would come home from sledding Avery would talk about her adventures for the rest of the day...especially the time she hit the 'big bump' when she was riding with Grandpa Dave.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Avery had a great Christmas this year. She was really into it and was very excited for Santa to come. One of the pictures is of Al carrying Avery down the stairs to see if Santa came. When she got to the bottom of the stairs we told her to run and check. She bypassed the pile of presents and instead made a dash to the fireplace. Then she stuck her head in there (it wasn't turned on)and said, "yep, he came!" It was really cute.

Avery finally got the hang of opening presents this year, which made Christmas morning even more fun. She was really excited about all of her gifts, especially the dollhouse and all of the pieces that came with it. Santa was really busy this year wrapping all of those tiny little packages that held lamps, chairs, etc.

I think the biggest hit for Avery was all of the additions to her Littlest Pet Shop collection. She loves those little animals and the clubhouse that Grandma Louona gave her. She has played with it every day since. She also loves her princess dresses that Grandma Nette and Grandpa Dave gave her. I love when she gets all decked out in her gowns.

I just had to get a picture of Avery surrounded by a lot of her treasures, dressed up in a new princess dress, holding the pirate ship and watching Ice Age. It doesn't get much better than that.

Playing in the Snow

So, I am a little behind on blogging about our trip to Utah...

Avery absolutely loved the snow. She would have gone out and played in it several times a day if I had let her. I think her two favorite things to do were making snow angels and just stomping around in her boots.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tap and Twirl

Yesterday Avery started her 'Tap and Twirl' tap dancing class. It is another class given through the city of Saint Charles and it lasts for 6 weeks. Avery was super excited before class. When we were in Minnesota we went with Allison to one of her dance classes and Avery was mesmerized. She just kept asking me if she was going to dance like Allison does. Al has this week off and so he was able to go to class with us.

There are about 8 kids in the class, all girls except one boy, and that one boy is wild! He doesn't really do much but run around. Al and I must have both prepped Avery about listening to what her teacher says because on the way to class she told us she was going to listen to her teacher and then periodically during the class she would call out, "I'm listening to my teacher, mommy!" Avery actually did do very well with listening to her teacher. I think it is because she was on the older side for the class and also because she goes to nursery every week and is used to listening to a teacher. The youngest girl in the class is LDS too and she did really well listening to the teacher also. I think nursery has something to do with it...they are already used to a little structure at such a young age.

Avery had a grin on her face the entire time, pretty much like the grin in the picture where they are holding hands in the circle. She loved every minute of the class. Yesterday they practiced walking in their tap shoes, marching, toe tapping, hopping, toe pointing, etc. Most of the little girls were very attached to their moms and so the teacher had all of the moms come and help their girls out. As you can see in the one picture I am getting a big kick out of the whole thing. I kept looking at Al on the sidelines and were were just laughing the whole time. It was just so cute!!

Avery really liked her teacher, Miss Marla, and tried to be by her for most of the class. When they were doing stretches Avery either sat right in front of her or right behind her. Miss Marla said Avery was her little buddy. At one point they were standing and doing circles with their arms. They did this for a while and then Miss Marla told them to go backwards, as in reverse the motion of your arms. Well, Avery took this to mean that she was supposed to stand backwards, so she turned around with her back facing the teacher and kept doing her arm circles. Al and I just laughed and laughed. That is the picture that I took of Avery's back.

When class was over Avery asked a few times if we could go do dance class again. We told her that we would be going back next week and she was pretty happy. Miss Marla wants the kids to practice throughout the week, which I don't think we will have to bother Avery too much about. She is loving this.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Ultrasound Pics

I tried to take pictures of the ultrasound pictures to see if they would come out. So I am posting the ones that turned out the best. There is a picture of James' profile, one of his legs, and the other one is of his fingers fanned out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's A...

So, it's been a long time since I've posted. We've been out of town for quite some time, battling a vicious stomach flu and a cold that lasted over a month. Not to mention enjoying the Christmas holidays...more about that later.

Anyway, we had our ultrasound yesterday and I am so happy to announce that we are having a BOY!!!

We have a lot of ultrasound pictures, but no scanner :( We've been shopping already and have picked up some really cute boy things! I can't wait to do more shopping.

Avery talks a lot about 'the baby on the TV.' We took her to see the ultrasound yesterday and she was pretty fascinated. When Al was tucking her in last night she said, 'Daddy, do you remember the baby's feet?' Then she told me that we went to the hospital because the baby needed a check-up. She has been really cute about the whole thing.