Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little/Big Storm

It has been storming off and on here for the past few weeks. Usually a storm rolls in, the sky becomes completely dark, it rains for about five minutes, and then it's clear skies again.

Well, one late afternoon we had a storm that lasted a little longer than usual...maybe 15 minutes. It rained really hard and was very windy outside, but it really didn't seem like that big of a deal and again the clear skies came right back. The power did go out and we had no power for a few hours. Houston with no A/C is a little miserable. The thunder was really loud (hence the covered ears)but both of the kids handled it very well.

Although at the time the storm didn't seem like a big deal, the next day as I was driving around town I saw lots of trees that were down, uprooted or broken in half, debris, etc. I think Al and I need to get better prepared for this weather. We don't even have a flashlight!