Monday, June 28, 2010

Some of my Favorites

I took a lot of pictures on the trip to Utah, but these were some of my favorites:

These pictures document a lot of what we did, but not everything. We really packed a lot into a month: 3+ trips to Thanksgiving Point, pony rides, The Dinosaur Museum (way cooler than I remembered), 3+ trips to Gardner Village, Park City--hugely successful shopping and we got caught in a rain storm, the Aquarium, 2 trips to Gateway, Children's Museum, 5 private swimming lessons for Avery, 4 trips to Dimple Dell Pool, Kangaroo Zoo (awesome--even worth getting lost on the way home. It made me wish I was a little kid), Fashion Place, 2 trips to SouthTown, 4+ trips to Costco, 2 trips to Baby Heirlooms and some of my other favorite boutiques, 1 date night with Al, Deseret bookstore, 1 unexpected root canal, 1 book read, and ate out more lunches and dinners than I can remember or should admit to, and many other adventures.

What a great trip! It was so much fun to spend time with family and see everybody. Who knew a month could go by so quickly. It was good to get back and see Al...I know he was lonely and we really missed him. It was sooo nice being spoiled for a month though. In a month's time it seems like I have somehow forgotten how to plan meals and have also forgotten what we do all day here. It is always an adjustment to come back and pick up the routine things again...and to come down off of the shopping/dining out/being constantly entertained high. But we do have some fun things lined up here. Avery starts swimming lessons next week and that will be a lot of fun for her. We had a play date today and I am going to Eclipse with some friends on Thursday night.

Most of my friends here are leaving or have already left for the summer. I have never lived somewhere before where people clear out for the summer. I think it has a lot to do with the heat, humidity, and husbands studying for big tests or husbands having horrible schedules. But our trip to Utah was on the shorter side compared to some! I can't say that I blame them though...walking out of the airport at 12 am and getting greeted by the heat and humidity was a little tough to swallow. And Al had the day off after we got back and then started a 10 week rotation on trauma. We survived intern year (yeah!!! We never have to do it again!!!), but Al's hours aren't any better, just different responsibilities now. It is quiet here. I grew accustomed to having people around to talk to. But I got the next book club book and a huge stack of ads and magazines that Al saved for me from when we were gone.