Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Sentence

Avery has been saying a lot of two word sentences/phrases as I wrote about below. But today she said her first REAL sentence. It seemed so long compared to everything else she has been saying. I couldn't believe all of the words that came out in one string. And now, here is the sentence in all of its glory. There has been no embellishment and no tweaking of words.

Drumroll please.....

"Change my poopy bum."

There you have it. That is one for the record books. The one that will be going down in her baby book.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Talker

Over the last couple of weeks Avery has really turned into a little chatterbox. She is in a kind of parroting phase where she repeats almost everything I say.

She has also in the last couple of weeks started to string two or three words together, making phrases or sentences. I can't believe how quickly her talking has changed from single words to more conversational. She likes to say, "Daddy at hospital." Or she will bring me my cell phone and say, "Call Daddy!"

She's also started using adjectives. She likes to point out the color of whatever object she is pointing to-- red shoes, blue circle, white bunny, fuzzy pants, etc. Colors are her most common describing words but she also likes to use big, hot, or tell if an object is "Mommy's" or "Daddy's."

Something that I find amusing is when Avery is trying to tell me what she wants to eat. The other morning I was unloading the dishwasher and Avery grabbed a tupperware bowl, handed it to me and said, "Roni!" I always make the microwave macaroni and cheese in a tupperware bowl for her. I asked her if she wanted "roni" for breakfast and she got a big smile on her face. I made it for her and she ate almost all of it.

She also likes to ask for more of something, "more fruit loops" "more chocolate cookies" "more juice." It is really helpful that she can tell me these things now! And it is very cute to hear her little requests or descriptions of things.

She has been playing with her dress-up clothes a lot and likes to get very dolled up. She puts on her make-up and I help her put on the tu-tu/dress and wings. But her very favorite dress-up item is the pair of clip-on earrings that came with the tiara. She wants to wear those earrings all of the time, not just when she's dressing up. And they are huge! They are these big silver/fake diamond looking, dangly earrings. But she absolutely loves them and will leave them on all day if I let her. She occasionaly will reach up and touch them softly and say, "earrings," kind of like she's in awe. She is such a funny little girly-girl.

Penguin vs. Bear

One of Avery's Christmas presents was these penguin slippers. I was so excited when I found them and thought that Avery would love them. She did love them until she tried to start wearing them...

They are slip-on slippers and don't stay on Avery's feet quite as well as she wants them too. The first few times she wore them she gave up after a few minutes. Then the other day she seemed determined to make it work. I helped her put them on and she walked around, gingerly. After a few moments they went askew. Avery stopped and let me fix them for her, not thinking anything of it.

She walked around for a couple of more minutes until the slippers fell off again. This time she seemed slightly agitated, but again sat and let me straighten them out.
The third time the slippers came off Avery had had it. She picked the slippers up and chucked them across the room. Then she threw herself on the ground and cried and cried. I was trying not to laugh, thinking I shouldn't get too much enjoyment out of this, seeing as she was so frustrated.

We put the slippers away and I opted to put socks on her. The next day we went to Target. I thought I would check their slipper selection to see if there was anything in our price range. I found these bear slippers on clearance for $1.98. I decided it was well worth it. I had Avery try them on (She wanted the Thomas the Train ones but they were hideous...I slyly put them back and tossed the bear ones in our cart). These are the kind of slippers that have that socky-type part at the top, so they aren't going anywhere.

Avery loves her bear slippers. She has been wearing them proudly for the last couple of days. The penguin ones are big enough that they should fit next winter. I think I will maybe try to sew on some kind of elastic strap so they will stay put better. But in the meantime...the bears won.