Friday, December 7, 2007

Sugar Cookies

Last night we made sugar cookies. I baked the cookies while Avery was napping and then waited until the evening, when Al got home, to frost and sprinkle them.
Avery was super excited about the sprinkles. She grabbed the bottles and shook them pretty vigorously, trying to produce some sprinkles, but I hadn't removed the caps yet. After I frosted the first cookie I put it on Avery's plate and handed her a bottle of open sprinkles. Boy did she go to town!! That cookie was pretty much covered. I moved the cookie to the wax paper to make room for the next cookie. I turned back to Avery and she was emptying a bottle of sprinkles onto the plate!
I quickly grabbed the bottle and put them out of her reach. Avery then began to eat the sprinkles on the plate. That is pretty much how the rest of the evening went for her. She was perfectly content to just eat the sprinkles while Al and I did the rest of the cookies.

No, no, no...

Yesterday Avery and I went and did a little more Christmas shopping at he Mills. I was also looking for an undershirt for Avery.
I decided to take Avery to the Carter's outlet since I was pretty sure I'd find the shirt and because Avery loves that store. They have hopscotch, these clouds that move on the ceiling, and a lego table.

As I was checking out I saw a bin that had these Christmas dolls marked 70% off. It was really cheap after the discount! So I decided that Avery might like to have this Christmas doll. I thought it was pretty cute and festive.

After driving us home and hauling in our bags I excitedly held the doll out to Avery and said, "Look, Avery! A Christmas baby!" She gave it one look and said, "No, no, no." So I tried again, "Here, hold your new baby!" "No, no, no." Finally I just tried to put it in her arms and Avery actually recoiled at the attempt. She scooted away from me several feet. This had me baffled.

When Al came home I told him the story. I tried to give Avery the baby again. She took it and threw it. I grabbed the doll and handed it to Al. I explained that I had thought the doll was cute, but maybe I am off or something. Al just looked at me and said, "Well Jenny, the doll doesn't have a nose..." I was aware of this fact when I bought the doll, but it didn't bother me, it was just a simple face. And it wasn't like just this doll was missing her nose. All of the other dolls in the bin looked exactly the same.

So today my mission was to try to fix this doll. I got some pink felt and cut out a little nose to stick on the doll. I also added some rosy cheeks. I didn't think that would hurt. After I was finished with the minor adjustments I handed the doll to Avery and said, "Look Avery. Mama fixed the baby." I handed the baby to her, she held it, studied it out, and then slowly with her pointer finger touched the dolls face and said, "nose." Then she went and put the baby in her grocery cart.

Secret Hiding Place

Avery found this hiding place Saturday while Al was getting ready. She thought she was being so sneaky. Al called out to me asking where we had more soap. I replied that it was under the sink. Then I came to show him exactly where and I opened the door to find Avery. She had a huge grin on her face. Then she promptly shut the door. I guess she didn't want us to disturb her secret place.

Of course, she proceeded to unwrap all of our bars of soap, so they are all ready to go whenever the one we're using runs out.

Pictures of Avery and Christmas Decorations

Thursday, December 6, 2007

OB/GYN grade

Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Summary Clerkship Grade Report for:
Student: Tanner, Allen
Course: OB-301 Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health Clerkship


Mr. Tanner had an exemplary rotation on Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health in all respects. His outpatient experience and performance was described by the residents as being superior and exceeding their expectations in all regards. He wrote very complete history and physical examinations. He was found to be a good communicator and had a solid fund of clinical knowledge. His continuity resident rated him as a very strong student as did the attending physicians on the gynecological service. He was noted to be very good with patients, and he received the highest clinical grade among his group of peers. He also showed a strong fund of knowledge on the National Board Shelf Exam, and the requisite clinical skills on the Standardized Patient Exam. He had an excellent rotation in all regards which bodes well for his future training. He receives an Honors grade.