Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Times It's a Good Thing They Are So Cute...

A few days ago Avery had her friend Anna over after preschool. They play so well together and on the rare occasion have been known to get into a little mischief. The spend a lot of time playing dress ups in Avery's room, which is how this play date was going. As James was napping and I was downstairs doing housework all of a sudden I was enveloped in a cloud of fumes. It took me just a second to place the perfume. The scent was so strong it was practically choking me now. I cautiously called upstairs, "Um, Avery? Did you get into my perfume?" She did hesitate for a second, but really, how could she hide the fact?! She called back down that she had.

I went upstairs and if I thought the scent was strong About this time Anna's mom came to pick her up. Then our friend called from the airport to tell us her plane had landed and they were ready to be picked up. By this time I am nauseated and have a pounding headache. I load the kids in the car, James screaming, and headed out. The smell followed us! It had already attached to our clothes, etc. I apologized to my friend, Kim, for the smell and for James' screaming, since he was still at it. She was super polite about both. But I think her husband missed my explanation about the perfume because about halfway on the ride home I could hear him say through the screaming, "Wow, Avery, you smell really nice." Poor Christian was sandwiched in the back seat right next to Avery.

After dropping our friends off we came home and I suddenly remembered that the exterminator was scheduled to show up at any time. James is still screaming and I was frantically running around the house opening as many windows as I could when Al called excitedly to say he was coming home early. He could hear the screaming in the background and the irritation in my voice was definitely on the rise as I was detailing the perfume incident...especially because while I was on the phone with Al for those few seconds James dumped his snack all over the floor that I had spent forever on my hands and knees mopping while James had napped earlier that day. AAHHH!!!

Al quickly hung up the phone, I am sure wondering if this was the day he really wanted to come home early. James finally stopped screaming and the exterminator showed up right as Al was walking through the door. Luckily things seemed to calm down at that point.

For 2 days, except for at night, I kept the windows open hoping the smell would go away. I would get used to it, but all it took was a quick trip to the grocery store and for me to walk in the door before I was knocked over again by the scent. I washed a ton of things in Avery's room, and of course bathed Avery. It has been 5 days now since it all happened and I think the fumes are mostly gone in the rest of the house. Avery's room still smells lovely, but at least not as strong. I attempted Febreeze a couple days back but I don't know that it worked, except to make the room smell like a Febreeze/perfume combo.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ready For School Too

Look how cute James looks! Every day we take Avery to preschool Avery grabs her little canvas bag that is hanging on the door knob on the way out to the garage. James thinks he needs a bag too and grabs another bag that we have hanging up and throws it over his shoulder, ready to go. Every morning he hurries and brings me his shoes too while I am helping Avery finish getting ready. I think he thinks he's ready to go to school too. It's so cute because usually I do put his shoes on for him and then he knows that is the cue that we are heading out and he runs for the garage door and waits for me. He is such a sweetheart.

Just some things James is doing now: says baby, is trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but the only sounds that come out are "Ah ah ah ah..." (still very cute), can climb off and on the couch, likes to give you 5, is getting into legos, loves Halloween decorations (especially ghosts), his favorite book is the 1-10 counting book, loves pizza more than any food (can eat 2 pieces!), but also loves strawberries and grapes, still sucks his thumb a lot and sometimes rubs his belly button at the same time, pushes his cars along the ground--I love watching him do this, likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, still a snuggle boy.

One thing he does that I love is when I ask a question to everybody, like, "Who's hungry"? or tired, or whatever, Avery will say, "Me!" and then James will chime in and say, "Me!" after her.