Sunday, March 30, 2008

Al's New Car

I guess it has been a busy week, but I am finally getting around to posting pictures of Al and his new car! Al LOVES his car. The fact that it has air conditioning makes it a ton better than his old car already. Now if it would warm up here he could actually use the air conditioning.

Al's car is a KIA Optima. It is quite a bit roomier than his old car and has a lot bigger trunk. It gets great gas mileage, which he needs since he drives downtown every day. We got really lucky with Al's car and found one in Missouri that had never been smoked in. And it hardly had any miles on it!

We drove out to Quincy, Illinois last Saturday to pick up both mine and Al's cars. We called each other back and forth on our cell phones comparing our new rides. We couldn't believe how smooth and quiet they were compared to our old deafening exploding noises. We had to really watch our spedometers because we were used to relying on the shakiness/loudness of our cars to tell us how fast we were going.

I almost think that Al was glad that his car broke down in the ghetto so that he could get this car which he is thrilled with. Almost. I saw how stressed out and sad Al was in the last few weeks to know that this wasn't true. But we are all glad that he has a lot more reliable transportation to get him in and out of the city and home safely to us.

2nd Cooking Class

Wednesday Avery had her second cooking class. We couldn't make it the week before, with everything going on, so I was glad that we were able to go this week. Avery was a little shy when we got there and kept hugging my legs, but she warmed up after a few minutes. She even answered a few questions that the teacher asked!

This time we made ham and cheese rolled up in cresecent rolls. Then the teacher baked them so that the cheese was all melted. While they baked the kids decorated sugar cookies. Avery's were loaded with the sprinkles. But when I looked around I saw that hers were pretty tamed compared to some of the other kids!

After the cookies the kids sat at a long table and strung fruit loops on a piece of yarn to make a fruit loop necklace. Avery's necklace wasn't very full...for every one piece she put on the yarn she ate 3 or 4 others. She likes the green fruit loops the best, even though they all taste the same. The other moms found this to be very amusing. They watched as Avery would scout out all of the green ones and eat them.

This coming week is our last class. I am sad that it will be over. I think Avery has really enjoyed it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It doesn't get any cuter than this...

Sunday Best

Avery absolutely loved her Easter dress this year. She kept twirling around and making the skirt of the dress flair around her. Al and I think she is looking so grown up.

It snowed on Easter Sunday, so after we took these pictures we bundled Avery up in her white cardigan and then her big red dress coat. It was funny to see all of the other little girls come into church with their pretty summer dresses underneath their big heavy coats.

The Easter Bunny came!!

Yesterday morning Avery woke up and found her Easter basket waiting for her on the couch. She was so excited! The Easter Bunny left her some Little Einstein figures and some other fun little toys and treats.
Harold the Helicopter has been bumped out of bed to make room for Annie and June.
Avery was very happy to see that the Easter Bunny also left her some Starburst jelly beans, one of her new favorite treats. Avery wanted to eat them for breakfast today. She loves her jelly beans.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday morning we had a little Easter egg hunt for Avery.

I hid 8 little plastic eggs around our familiy room for Avery to find.
She did a really good job on her own this year! Last year I remember directing her from egg to egg, but she seemed to get the concept this year and found the first 3 or 4 without being prompted.

The difference this year being that as soon as she found an egg she wanted to open it immediately and scarf down the chocolates before moving on to the next one. We let her do this a few times but then moved her along to find the other eggs so that she wouldn't get too sick!

I keep thinking that one of these years we will be able to have a little egg hunt outside, but it was in the low 40's yesterday.

As you can tell from the pictures, Avery really enjoyed the hunt.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Avery loved coloring the Easter eggs last night. We got her the Disney princess pack, which is why she's wearing the crown in the top picture.

We had spoons in all of the glasses, but Avery liked the hand approach better.

I really love her facial expressions. She is so entertaining and is full of personality.

We tried to explain to Avery that she needed to be gentle with the eggs, but we're still working on that concept. I would hand Avery an egg to put in the dye and she would toss it in, sending little waves of dye out of the glasses. I'm glad the table was covered. It was fun to watch her enjoy herself so much. A couple of the eggs suffered some cracks. I think Avery got a little over excited and squeezed them just a little too hard.

Al and I were a little worried about the dye coming off of her hands. As you can see in the last picture they were pretty covered. But it actually came off pretty well. I was trying to imagine how Avery would look on Easter Sunday in her pastel dress with bright blue and orange dye up and down her arms.
In the last picture Avery is showing off her dyed hands and kind of doing "touchdown." We thought it was appropriate since she was wearing her Beetdigger shirt.

Harold the Helicopter

I took this picture a while ago but am just getting around to posting it. Avery loves Thomas the Train and knows the names of most of the other trains in her books and on the shows.

Her new favorite is Harold the Helicopter. My mom gave him to Avery for part of her Easter present. We kind of gave it to her early just because she's been a real trooper this last week.

As you can see, she was thrilled with her new addition. She wanted him to sleep in her bed every night. I was surprised to go in and see her a couple of hours later, still holding onto Harold.

She's also wearing her "fuzzies." That is what she calls her fleece jammies. She has a purple pair too, which she highly prefers over the pink ones, but they were in the wash. Avery will pull them out of her laundry basket and beg me to put them on her. I have to admit that I've indulged her a few times.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our first cooking class

Yesterday was Avery's first Little Chef class. Avery's tumbling class got pushed to April and so they bumped her Little Chef class up to March. We were the first ones there and Avery walked into the big kitchen pretty timidly. We walked around exploring for a while and then more little kids showed up. There were 3 other little girls and one little boy. Avery was one of the youngest ones there.

The first thing the teacher had the class do was wash their hands. Then they got to work. There was a huge butcher table and the teacher had set chairs up so the kids could stand at the table. Each child had a bowl of dough and a bowl of cheese. There was also a communal bowl of green pepper slices. Avery was pretty heavily tempted by that cheese and kept touching it. At one point she got a mouthful almost to her mouth but I told her we had to wait until we heard what the teacher wanted us to do.

We made pizza caterpillars! Avery and I divided the dough into little segments and then rounded them and flattened them out (Avery loved this). Then we got to put little mushroom pieces in for legs. After that they had to bake for a little bit. While they baked we got to make peanut butter play-dough. The teacher passed out samples before we got started so the kids could taste what they were going to make. It was really easy and all of the kids loved it. The teacher told the kids they weren't allowed to lick the spoon until they were done mixing their own bowl. Avery was really glad when we were done mixing. She took a huge bite of the dough off of her spoon. The teacher had the little kids throw away their spoons and bowls so we could get back to work on the pizzas. The kids really seemed to like lining up and throwing things into the trash.

As we finished the peanut butter play-dough the timer for the pizzas went off. The teacher passed out the caterpillars to the kids. When Avery got hers back she lowered her head to the caterpillar and took a big bite out. Everybody thought that was funny. The teacher passed out little bowls of sauce and pepperoni. Avery helped me put the sauce on but when it came to the pepperoni she just kept shoving them into her mouth instead of on the caterpillar. While she chewed up her mouth full of pepperoni I put some on the caterpillar. Then I helped stick in the green pepper antennae. Avery finally got to put the cheese on--she dumped the whole bowl on top before I had time to show her how to sprinkle it on, but we were able to make it work.
While the pizzas baked again the kids got to sit at a table and color pictures. When the pizzas were done the teacher passed them out again and the kids each got a napkin and a cup of apple juice. Then they got to eat their little caterpillars. Avery picked all of the pepperoni off and ate them. She was pretty happy with her work.

After we were done we cleared our spot and got cleaned up so we could go. Avery went in and said and waved bye-bye to her teacher. She also said thank-you. It was so cute!! On the way home Avery kept saying, "Bye-bye to the teacher! Bye-bye to the teacher!" I think she will be really excited when we go back next week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Taking a Nap

Yesterday I put Avery down for a nap. She had been acting tired all morning and then fell asleep at 12:30 on the way back from Target. I carefully carried her to her bed but she woke up (not happy) when I lay her down. She wanted her ba-ba and so I went down to the kitchen to get her some milk.

I brought it back up and everything seemed fine. Her eyes were already falling closed. I went downstairs and Al called me on his way to a clinic out in O'Fallon. As I was talking to him I could hear little bumps and thuds above my head. After I hung up I went upstairs and listened at Avery's door. There were definitely noises coming from inside.

I opened the door and found this: Avery standing in her shirt and princess moon boots. She had moved all of her stuffed animals to her little table and was playing with her little bunnies, making them "hop hop hop!"

That was the end of yesterday's nap.