Monday, August 27, 2007


Here is Avery in her new dress! I think she looks so cute! I worried if the bow in the hair was too much with the bow on the dress, but I left it anyway. Al assured me that it was good.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New desk!

Well, it's not really a new desk, but it looks new to us! I had to order these handles on-line because the handle size is kind of a weird one. Home Depot didn't offer any thing in it's size and I checked on-line with a few other major chains. But I found a great website that offered all kinds of choices in the size that I needed. These black handles and knobs look really good with the rest of the furniture that we have up in the loft.

Next is Avery's dresser. The handles for that were shipped separately, but should be here any day. I can't wait to change hers. I really like the handles I bought.

I saved all of the old handles, knobs, and screws, should we ever decide to switch it back to it's old form.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The church

This church is right in the middle of downtown Chicago, on the Magnificient Mile. I thought it was really pretty. And we all loved the grounds. We took a little break and let the two girls get out of their strollers for a little while. It is pretty quiet in the little square, even though there is a ton of people and traffic just a few feet away. We saw a bride and groom and their entire wedding party come out of the chapel when we walked back up the mile. That was really neat.

Cute pics

I thought that both of these pictures are cute. We took them right before we left for a day of shopping in Naperville.

On the trolley

Avery passed these rides at the outlet malls and she was dying to ride one. I thought it was the least we could do since she'd been such a good sport about all of the shopping.

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!!

Hannah and Avery loved playing together. They both really liked riding this zebra that bounces. Sarah bought Avery this shirt so that Avery and Hannah could have matching outfits. I think they look really cute.

Avery in the pillows

Avery loves to roll around in the pillows on mine and Al's bed. She will got stand on the bed and motion to be lifted up. Once she's up there she is perfectly content to roll around for as long as I'll let her. She just thinks it's about the funnest thing ever.

Avery's 18 month check-up

Today was Avery's 18 month check-up. It was pretty uneventful, which is good. I stripped Avery down to a diaper (standard procedure) when we first got there so they could weigh and measure her. We left the check-up room to go to the scale and Avery could hear a baby crying down the hallway. She looked up at me with these big eyes and just froze in her place. After some gentle tugging on her hand I finally got her to follow me down the hall. But Avery was still kind of freaked out and wouldn't stand on the scale, so we had to put her on the baby scale. Normally this isn't a problem, but that other baby crying had set Avery off and she started to cry. She tried to climb off the scale, but the nurse put her back in and Avery weighed in at 23 pounds, 11 ounces.

Then the nurse had to measure her, which caused more big eyes and protesting, but she finally got the job done and Avery measured in at 31 1/2 inches. Her head (more whimpering) came in at 46.5 cm.

By this time the other baby had stopped crying and so Avery calmed down. We saw the doctor and everything checked out fine. Avery only had to have one shot today, but it is a tetanus shot, kind of a bad one. So the nurse had me give Avery tylenol right away and said that there would probably be a fever and some swelling. This made me feel bad since Avery just got over her other fever, but I know this one won't be as high and won't last as long.

Avery's weight puts her in the 35th-40th percentile and her height puts her in the 40th-50th percentile. I guess she's slowing down a little bit on her growth and is no longer "tall" for her age. She doesn't have her next check-up until she is 2! The time is going by so fast. As Al said the other night, she isn't a baby anymore :(