Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

On Wednesday Avery's class took a field trip to the fire station. All of the kids were very excited! I have to say that it was pretty neat. I didn't get to see everything up close like the kids did because I had James in a stroller and was kind of lagging behind the crowd, but what I saw was really impressive. I can't believe how much equipment is stowed on a fire truck! There are tons of compartments all packed with various tools, first aid, etc. The fire man in charge of the tour was very good with the kids--I think they have given quite a few of these tours. He explained what all the tools are used for and the moms and I had a chuckle when he talked about the "jaws of life" and how the kids had "probably heard of them in a movie." They are only 3/4 years old :)

We got to see a huge fire truck that had the ladder on top and then a smaller one without the ladder. Then one of the firemen put all of his equipment on for the kids to see. He explained everything that he put on and then talked to them through the mask. He told them that if they ever see a fireman like this in their house to not be afraid, but to go to them because they are there to help. I thought that was good for the kids to hear.

We also got a tour of the inside of the fire station. We saw where they sleep, watch TV, etc. The kids were fascinated by the kitchen for some reason, "What's in the fridge?" "What's in that closet?" and so on. Kinda funny. When we left the kids all got their own hat and some coloring pages to work on. It was a pretty great field trip.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Powdered Donuts

This is one of those "I only left the kids alone for a couple of minutes..." things.

Avery got the powdered donuts off of the counter and took them into the family room. Then she left the bag on our ottoman, right at James' eye level. When I came into the room there were powdered donuts all over the floor and James was grabbing them in his hands and crumbling them up. The donut bag was empty. Luckily there weren't many left when the incident started.

When James realized he was caught he smiled really big, and then proceeded to finish the crumbling job, except for the one that he smashed by accidentally sitting on it.