Friday, April 11, 2008

Butterfly House

By Friday morning my mom, dad, brother and his family were all at our little townhouse. My dad took everybody to the butterfly house. I think it was a big hit. There is a little gift shop where you first walk in and Allison said, "Oh, it looks like there is some good shopping here!" We all chuckled. I think it must be genetic...

I think everybody was surprised at how many butterflies there actually are that fly around in there. They are everywhere. The kids (and adults) got pretty excited. We got some really cute pictures of the kids and my parents. It is the first time that my parents have ever had all of their four grandkids together at once.

One of the rules about the butterfly house is that you are not allowed to touch any of the butterflies. This wasn't a problem at all until we were getting ready to leave and a butterfly landed on my brother's head. Since we weren't allowed to touch them he just had to leave it there. It stayed there for at least five minutes while my brother walked around. Pretty funny.

After we finished looking at the butterflies we took the kids to the carousel. Avery and Allison really enjoyed it...Dylan...not so much :) I'm not sure if we've ever mentioned it before...but Missouri isn't really known for their customer service/people skills. The lady at the carousel was no exception. It's no wonder that Dylan got freaked out. My dad got in trouble once and I got reprimanded twice...all before the carousel even started. Dylan started off on a really tall horse but got a little scared because it was so high off of the ground. He wanted to sit on that little bench they had. My dad went with him. As the carousel went around the corner we watched my dad grab Dylan and put him on top of a horse. But it wasn't a horse that went up and down, just one that stayed still. The carousel came around again and as my dad and Dylan disappeared around the corner we watched my dad grab Dylan again and put him on top of one of the moving horses. We were laughing so hard as we watched from the sidelines. I am surprised that my dad did not get caught and that we didn't get banned from the butterfly house carousel.

After that we stopped and got some lunch at the Steak 'n' Shake. It was a pretty fun day.


nyn said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful time with your family. I love the butterfly house!! Something about butterflies takes me back to being four or five and wishing I could be like tinkerbell. (you know because tinkerbell and buttterflies have wings ;)