Saturday, February 2, 2013

BEAR Night

 Last night was a big night for Avery.  She was invited to attend the BEAR party at her school.  It is once a year, for 1st-4th graders and it celebrates kids who have achieved excellence in both conduct and reading.  I dropped Avery off at school at 6pm to start the evening.  The school was really organized about dividing kids by grade, parents having to sign kids in, etc. so I wasn't worried about leaving her.

On the ride to the school Avery asking about which kids would be at the party and I told her it was the ones that never 'clipped down' at school and also did all of the required reading.  She said she felt bad for the kids that didn't get invited and she didn't know if it seemed 'fair.'  Sweet Avery.  I explained that it definitely was fair.  Everybody had the same opportunity to behave well in school and to do their reading and maybe they didn't make the best choices.  She seemed happy with that answer.

 The party started in the cafeteria.  As we walked in they handed her a purple tote bag to hold all of her goodies from the night.  They also took her ticket to enter it into a raffle.  There were a lot of school staff and parent volunteers/PTA members running the show inside.  Avery was seated at the 1st grade table and was served pizza right away.  I got this picture, but as you can tell Avery was a little to anxious/distracted to bother with pictures.  The kids didn't have to wear school uniforms to the party and there was a lot of excitement/buzz about that.

And Avery, checking out her empty tote.  After this I headed out to enrichment and left Avery to her party.  I picked her up at 9 and she was bubbling with news about the festivities.  She had a tote bag full of stuff she had collected.  She won two books at various games they played.  She also had some pictures that her and her friends had taken at a photo booth-  They were all dressed up in hats, mustaches, glasses, etc.  Then she had a school pencil, cup, etc.  I guess there used to be some treats in there too, but she ate those before I picked her up :) 

I am glad that Avery got to have this fun party at school.  She is a good girl and student and it's nice to show kids that being well behaved and a hard worker is rewarding.


Heather said...

Wow! Good job Avery! That's a really fun idea. I wish our school would do something like that.

Jessie said...

Congrats Avery! We are so proud of you! Being a good student will get you far! Way to go!