Friday, February 15, 2013

Avery Lately

  Avery's been a busy little gal lately.  Last week they had a 'free dress' day at school.  Avery was so excited.  The first outfit I put together for her she rejected.  Avery is usually pretty relaxed about what I pick out for her, but she said the first outfit looked to much like dress code.  Honestly, her winter wardrobe is pretty sad because almost all of it is dress code.  So I pulled out a new shirt I had got her for summer.  She was very happy with the second outfit choice :)  James wanted to get in on this picture.  Look at his hair!  He was long overdue for a cut.
  Avery, looking happy and excited about free dress day.
  Not the best picture, but Avery wore her new skirt I made her for church on Sunday.  We were in a hurry and I didn't have time to straighten everything out before the pictures, but I just wanted to document that she wore something I made!  It's a little bit big on the kept falling down.  Oh well.  Maybe she can wear it for the next few years ;)
  I was asked to help out at Avery's Valentine party at school.  They had little ice cream sundaes.  The parties at her school are on the small/dull side.  They usually have just refreshments- no games, crafts, etc.  So basically my assignment was to go around and see if kids wanted sprinkles on their ice cream.
 Had to get this cute picture of Dane in.  He got a bubble gun for Valentine's Day and as you can tell by his face he loved it.  We was laughing out loud at the bubbles.
 Today was a big day for Avery at school.  She got a special reading award.  The entire first grade lined the main hallway at school.  At the end of the parade were the principal and vice principal.  The principal called out Avery's name over the microphone and then the whole first grade chanted, "Avery!  Avery!  Avery!  Avery!" while they clapped as Avery walked down the parade
  When she got to the principals they put a special shirt she was awarded on her.
  I didn't get a picture of it, but then they each held up one of Avery's hands/arms and then they yelled, "Yeah!!!"
 Here is the group of first graders that got recognized at this awards program.

And here are all 3, at the school.  See Dane?  That is how he felt about the parade.  He hated it.  He cried through the whole thing because of the noise.  Then James started to get fired up because he wanted to be in the group shot with all of the first graders that got awards.  By the time the parade was over there was only an hour left of school and the principals said I could take Avery home with me...and Avery said she wanted to stay!!  What?!  Who doesn't take a get out of school free opportunity?!  Then James started to bawl because he wanted Avery to come home with us.  Sigh.  Some times I think it would be nice to have Al around to help me wrestle the kids at things like this!

I am proud of Avery!  She is a good student and I am happy the school here does such neat and special things for the kids who do well in school.


Team Jensen said...

Bubble Gun!! Brilliant! I'm going to copy that for Easter! Thanks! Your kids are adorable, BTW. The skirt you made..WOW! Go Jen!