Friday, March 25, 2011

Full of Poses

I don't know if anybody has noticed over the last several pictures I've posted of Avery, but she is super into posing now when I take her picture. I don't know where she learned it from, but she definitely gets into it. In the top picture she is "Make-up Girl"!! That's what she called herself. Like a super hero name. She applied her own make-up from some play make-up she has and came in to show me and Al. Then Al went and got the camera and Avery gave us a signature pose. After Al left Avery informed me that she was Make-up Girl and it was her special power/mission to go around and help people wear make-up that aren't wearing any :)

In the picture with Avery and James I had to laugh because we were running out the door to go somewhere and I thought the kids looked cute so I took a couple of pictures. Avery pulled out the poses and then James was trying to be like her. His pose was hilarious. He held one leg up, with the knee bent and then kind of had his arms out to the side. He couldn't hold the pose for very long and so I wasn't able to capture it, but he still looks super cute.


Leslee said...

She IS quite the poser! It is cute though. Maybe Summer could be her make up side kick because today she got into mine and had eye shadow all over!