Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up...Part 1

  Yikes.  I got pretty far behind on blogging!  This last month has been crazy busy for us and I'm hoping things slow down soon.  I don't love being this busy!  The memory card was full on my camera and so I decided to see what was on there and came across a ton of pictures that I had forgotten about.  These pictures are from when my parents were here at the beginning of April.  Houston has had a very cool spring.  Definitely the coolest one since we've lived here.  I think we were breaking all kinds of records.  On this day it was warm enough and James and Avery decided to run through the sprinklers.
  Dane was not a fan of the sprinklers at all!  He got pretty wet, which he wasn't happy about.  He felt a lot safer when he was on my dad's lap.

 Al had the week off and we went to pick our strawberries at Froberg Farm.
 Dane was in heaven.  Strawberries are his favorite food.
 Here he stuffed an entire strawberry in his mouth, right off of the plant.
  James, his bucket almost full.  We got a little carried away with the strawberry picking, but we made a ton of freezer jam and Dane was loving eating them at every meal.

  One day we went to the beach.  The kids LOVE the beach.  They ask to go back all of the time.  Maybe we will go more this summer than last.  This day was pretty cold, but Avery and James didn't care.
  The water was pretty wild this day.  I don't think the pictures do it justice, but it was the craziest water that Al and I have ever seen at Galveston.  I didn't really want the kids to go out in it.

  Dane was happy staying dry.  He loved walking/running around on the beach.  Since it was so cold there was almost nobody there.  Dane's goal was to catch one of the birds that was flying around or walking around on the beach.  That kept him occupied the whole time.  He wasn't successful, but still had fun.

Dane getting warmed up after running around in the cool air.  I don't have any pictures, but right when we were leaving Avery decided to give her left over lunch to the birds.  Within seconds she had probably 20-30 birds swarming around her, within a few inches.  It was madness!!  But she thought it was pretty awesome.