Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Dane's Arrival

Dane was born at 2:19 pm Monday. We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 to get checked in. After getting all of the paperwork filled out and information in the computer we were put in a small room where they monitored Dane's heart rate for a while and also started my IV. We were told at first that they thought they were running ahead of schedule, but they ended up running a little behind by about half an hour. Not too bad for a busy hospital!

We had an attending and a resident from anesthesiology and Al knew both of them, so they were super happy, friendly, and excited for us. They do spinal blocks instead of epidurals for c-sections here. But in the end the result is the same :) It wasn't too long after they started when they brought Al in to sit by me, and then not too long after that Dane was born! This is the only time that they've lowered the sheet so that we can see him being born. Al had been peeking over the top of the sheet to get a couple of pictures, but then the techs lowered the sheet for us and we got to see little Dane for the first time. It was so exciting. Dane was already crying a sweet little cry and his arms were flailing around. We could see right away that he was a chub! His arms and legs were already filled out. We could also tell that he had a ton of hair :)

The anesthesiology resident took over as photographer and got some good pictures of the three of us, and one with the doctor as well. Everybody in the OR was oohing and ahhing over Dane and his cheeks and the little dimple in his chin. It is the cutest little thing. He also has a dimple in one of his cheeks.

It took a while to close me up, but we were able to hold Dane the entire time which was so fun. When they were finished with me they wheeled me up to recovery. We got to keep Dane in there for a long time too, which I haven't gotten to do before. It was great just to be able to hold him right after he was born for a long time before they sent him to the nursery.

More pics and stories coming soon...


Loni said...

Okay, I've just noticed one big plus to having a C-section baby... you can wear make-up and be cute! The pictures of you are darling! All the ones of me after having my babies are not attractive, my make-up's very long gone, I'm white as a sheet (I always get anemic), and I look super sleepy. Glad you have some cute ones to remember the happy day by!

Melanie said...

Congratulations again!! I meant to ask you what time you were headed to the hospital. I had to have Megan around noon as well. It was so hard to no eat that long... Great pictures!! So glad he's here safe and sound. :)

Team Jensen said...

Hooray!!! I didn't even realize you had had him, it's been so long since I've checked blogs or even updated mine! AACK! He's so cute! Congratulations!!!