Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Easter" Sunday

Sunday was "Easter" Sunday for us since next week is general conference. So I got the kids dressed up in their Easter clothes. They looked so cute!! I of course am their mom, so I thought they were especially cute. Avery is starting to look so grown up, and so is James. I can't believe he will be one in less than a month!

Avery sang in sacrament meeting with the rest of the primary. It was her first time to do anything like that. We talked about it for a little bit while I was fixing her hair that morning and I don't think she quite grasped the whole concept. She kept asking, "but what am I going to sing?" I asked her if they had been practicing a special song and she said she didn't know. Then I asked her if she was going to sing "He Sent His Son" and she said yeah, maybe that was it.

We got to church a few minutes late and as we were walking in Avery said, "Mom, I'm so nervous!" And I asked, "To sing?" and she said yes. I got a little worried because I started to remember that when I was a little girl I used to cry when we had to go up and sing in front of everybody. That didn't seem like the Avery I know, but you never know...But then the next sentence out of her mouth was, "Everybody knows I'm a good singer." Well, I'm glad her confidence, and a healthy one at that, rebounded so quickly.

Avery was adorable up there. She smiled so big in the front row and sang the words. I was getting all emotional and was looking around and saw that all the other parents seemed to be under control. What's my problem?!

I wish I could crop these pictures to get rid of all of the clutter, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet with the program we have.

And I have a question for all you moms that have little boys. When do you start fixing their hair? And do you use gel/product? And/or what type of product?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese for years. But Avery has seen it advertised on TV and asks frequently if she can go. When we were in San Antonio my friend Becky treated all of us to a day at Chuck E Cheese. I think it was everything that Avery had hoped for. She had a blast climbing through the jungle gym and playing some of the games. It was fairly crowded because of spring break, but we still managed just fine. It kind of reminded me of Vegas, with all of the lights and sounds, just without all of the smoke. I think a visit every few years is good enough for me when it comes to Chuck E Cheese and Vegas.

Towards the end I started putting James in some of the cars with Avery. He loved them and she was so cute with James in the cars. When the timer ran out on the cars James would sit there and start rocking back and forth on his own, like he was willing it to start up again. Well, maybe I'll have to go back to Chuck E Cheese sooner rather than later. They both had so much fun. I'll just remember to take analgesics before I go...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bat Girl

Yesterday Avery was invited to her friend Sevy's birthday party. It was a superhero themed party and everyone was to dress as their favorite superhero or villain. We don't really have any superhero costumes or dress up items, so we borrowed this costume from a friend in the ward. Isn't it awesome?! Avery loved it. She was Bat Girl for most of Friday night and Saturday, rescuing James, Al and I from various problems/bad guys. I think she is going to be sad when we have to give the costume back.